Ontario Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Ontario Criminal Defense Attorney

Have you been charged with a criminal offense? Are you facing jail time or costly fines due to a DUI or felony offense? If so, you need an aggressive and determined Ontario criminal defense attorney by your side defending your rights.


Our criminal defense attorney Mykhal Oflili has experience defending individuals against charges in all areas of criminal law, including:

  • DUIs/DWIs

  • Criminal traffic offenses

  • Juvenile offenses

  • Felonies and misdemeanor

  • Drug trafficking

  • Drug possession

  • Sexual offenses

  • Criminal traffic offenses

  • Trespassing

  • Theft

  • Burglary

  • Robbery

  • Assault and battery

  • Domestic violence

  • And More


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Ontario Criminal Defense Lawyer
Ontario Criminal Defense Lawyer